Faculty & Staff

Classes at Minnesota State University, Mankato/Twin Cities are taught by dedicated faculty who are outstanding full-time teachers and respected scholars. The faculty provides students with real-life education that prepare students for their careers.

Wade Davis

College of Business | Accounting | Business Law

Anaam Hashmi

College of Business | Marketing | International Business

Jianwei Hou

College of Business | Marketing

Professor of Marketing

Rakesh Kawatra

College of Business | Management

Professor of Management

Claudia Pragman

College of Business | Management

Professor of Management; Interim Department of Management and Entrepreneurship Chairperson

Jennifer Schultz

College of Business | Management | MBA

Associate Professor of Management | MBA Director

Ferdinand Siagian

College of Business | Accounting | MAcc

Associate Professor of Accounting

Cheryl Trahms

College of Business | Management

Associate Professor of Management

Bobbi Urban

College of Business | MBA | MAcc

Online MBA/MAcc Programs Coordinator

Other Faculty

Ishuan Li, Ph.D.
Professor of Economics

Mike Nolan, MBA

Jennifer Veltos, Ph.D.
Professor of Technical Communication