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International Buisness

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The International Business Program is comprised of faculty who have international experience and are specialists in international marketing, finance, management, exporting and other specialties. Faculty members from the areas of political science, history, geography, and foreign languages contribute additional support.

Signature Experience

International Business Organization

The IBO aims to provide valuable experiences for its members as well as a fun way to network with fellow students as well as business professionals.

Belize Fair Trade Study Abroad

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Come experience Belize! Swim with the sharks, learn how the Mayans made chocolate, and take an evening hike in the jungle all while applying your business knowledge and skills!

The European Experience

Visit the epicenter of International Law and Politics in Europe! Explore Parliament in London, the canals of Amsterdam, the World Courts in The Hague and the European Union in Brussels.

Diversity Case Competition

Students immerse themselves in the case and begin to understand the structure of the company and how different aspects of diversity have a large impact in the world of business.

Careers in International Business

The international business program prepares students to meet the challenges of the global economy. Most of the students are employed in the finance, marketing, transportation and international divisions of the small-to-mid-size corporations. 

 Job titles of former International Business majors: 

  • International market researcher 
  • Export officer 
  • Marketing manager 
  • Regional coordinator
  • Customers broker
  • International sales officer
  • Freight forwarder manager


Bachelor of Science in International Business

This multidisciplinary major combines business, political science, history, foreign languages and geography to prepare students for a career involving different cultures and economies.

Minor in International Business

Intended for students interested in diversifying and complementing their business or non-business majors with global business skills in order to better prepare themselves for the global economy.