Fair Trade Study Abroad in Belize seeks to provide students a study abroad experience that applies business concepts in a real world learning experience. Students have the opportunity to experience the concepts they learn through interactions with a new culture and business owners in a foreign country. The structure of the course is focused on reading, discussions, and papers before the trip and after the trip students will work on projects for Belizean businesses. Financial aid and scholarships are available. NEXT TRIP IS SCHEDULED FOR 2025.

Why Belize?

Come experience Belize! Swim with the sharks, learn how the Mayans made chocolate, and take an evening hike in the jungle all while applying your business knowledge and skills!

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Next scheduled trip 2024

Information on the process:

  • Meets Wednesday nights before spring break, 6 -7:30 pm
  • Trip to Belize during spring break – 8 days/7 nights
  • Sample Trip Itinerary 
  • Three credits (regular tuition fees apply) 
  • View approximate Budget Sheet here
  • View sample Syllabus
  • Gold course


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