Step 2:Gather required documents


1. Letter of Introduction

One-page letter briefly summarizing your background and your internship goals. This letter should be written in a similar format to that of a standard cover letter and be addressed to the Internship Coordinator, Luke Howk.

2. Goals Statement

One-page paper including one paragraph for each goal type below:

  • Personal goals - short-term (within one year) and long-term (five years or more).
  • Career goals - short-term (within one year) and long-term (five years or more).
  • A detailed list of objectives for the internship that identify what you are trying to accomplish by doing an internship.

3. DARS Report

Access your DARS. Copy and paste this document into Word before attaching to your application.


4. Job Description

This document lists your duties and the projects you'll work on during your internship.

5. Internship Offer Letter From Employer

Letter should be written on company letterhead and include your start date, end date, and number of hours you'll work each week.