MBA Internships

MBA internships facilitate meaningful career progression for MBA students. An internship gives the student an opportunity to apply and showcase what they have learned in the classroom. Performance in an internship can transition into a job offer, or it can serve as a reference for a full-time job application.

MBA internships are available at a variety of organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, and can be made up of human resources, operations management, supervisory, or other management-related tasks. They can usually be found year-round. A student who has a job doing management-related work may earn internship credits.

The College of Business requires that you register for the term when you are doing your internship. You cannot earn credit retroactively for an internship that is already complete. 

If you need help finding an internship, please email or schedule an appointment by calling 507-389-2963. 


Internship Qualifications: 

  • 45 hours of work is equivalent to 1 credit hour of internship.
  • The job duties in the position must primarily be business-related (80% or more).
  • The person you report to, or your company mentor, should be in a business-related field.


Unsure If an Internship Qualifies?  Email the job description to 

*Use the following format for labeling ALL internship documents: LastnameFirstname_nameofdocument 


1. Goals Statement: 

In a one-page letter briefly summarize your academic and professional background, your career goals, and your internship objectives. The internship objectives are the specific things you hope to learn, experience, and achieve by doing this internship. This letter should be written in a format similar to a standard cover letter and be addressed to the MBA Director. 

2. Job Description (From Employer):
This document lists your duties and the projects you will work on during your internship.

3. Internship Offer Letter (From Employer):
Letter should be written on company letterhead and include your start date, end date, and number of hours you will work each week. 

  1. Log into Handshake Experiences. If you’ve never been on Handshake, follow the instructions by clicking here to get started.
  2. Click on “Request An Experience”.
  3. Fill out the "Request An Experience" form and click “Request Experience” at the bottom.
  4. Click “New Attachment” under Attachments on the left of the page to upload the required documents (see Step 2 above). 
  5. Email the MBA Director to notify them that you submitted your application. 


Once you have gotten permission, register for the course in eServices.

MBA 698 (2 credits) — MBA Internship Credit
Satisfies one of the elective courses in the MBA program. You will have to pay for these credits like any other class.

If you have questions about registering, please email

Before your internship ends and you are able to receive a grade, you must complete the following.  


1. Final Employer Evaluation 

  • Your employer will receive an email with a link to the evaluation. 
  • This email will be sent 3 weeks before the end of the semester and must be completed before the end of your internship. 
  • It is the student’s responsibility to remind their supervisor to complete this evaluation. If your supervisor needs a new copy of the evaluation link, email Please suggest to your supervisor to check their spam folders.

2. Final Student Evaluation 

  • You will receive an email with a link to the evaluation. 
  • This email will be sent 3 weeks before the end of the semester and must be completed before the end of your internship. 
  • If you need a new copy of the evaluation link, email 


3. Final Written Paper 

  • Click here for the final paper guidelines
  • The report should be typed and meet collegiate writing standards. Both the content of the final report and the quality of your writing will affect your grade which will be given by your MBA Director. 
  • The final paper must be uploaded to Handshake Experiences. Click “View Details” under your internship, then “New Attachment” on the left side. 


Important Notes:

  • You will not receive any information for the internship course on D2L. Everything will be processed through Handshake Experiences
  • All internship course requirements are due the Friday before Finals Week. If your internship continues after the semester ends and you will not be able to complete the requirements by the deadline, email to arrange an alternate deadline

If you have any questions, email the MBA Director or