College of Business

College of Business interns apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations and build experience that improves their resumes. They strengthen their professional networks, learn the unwritten rules and etiquette of their chosen fields, and confirm whether they have chosen the correct career path as they engage in the numerous opportunities available to them.These students also increase their competitiveness in the entry-level job helping to ensure their educational investment results in an enriching career path.

We are committed to taking any steps necessary to protect the health and safety of our faculty, staff and students, as well as all visitors to campus. To get internship assistance, please schedule a virtual appointment using MavConnect, call 507-389-2963 or email

Stangler Internship Initiative

The Stangler Internship Initiative seeks to be the premier internship program by expanding business students' professional skill sets and enhancing student and employer success in internships.

Companies & Recruiters

College of Business interns possess a mixture of business, technical, and soft skills, accompanied by an eagerness to learn and put their skills to work. Hiring one of our interns can assist with your current workload, add new perspectives and expand your future talent pool.

Apply for credit

Students have the option of taking an internship for academic credit, or not. The benefits of taking an internship for academic credit include satisfying major-required electives and the fact that some employers view internships for credit as more valuable experiences on a student's resume.

Find your career path

Preparing for your future is critical. We can help connect you with resources to get ready for your future career or internship!

Find an Internship

We are here to help assist in finding an internship that is right for you! Schedule a meeting with one of our team members or attend a group session to start exploring the possibilities.

Meet the Firms

Meet the Firms is a premier accounting career fair for students at Minnesota State University, Mankato. This event features public accounting firms, private industry companies, and government agencies that recruit students seeking professional careers in accounting.