Technology Recommendations

All students should have access to a computer which can be used in their courses, the computer can be either a Windows or Apple (Mac) computer. Some courses may require the use of a Windows platform software for specific assignments and projects. When an course requires the use of a Windows platform software, it will be made clear in advance through the course syllabus. Consult your instructor at the beginning of the semester to see if any special software is required for your class. Some courses may require access to additional specific hardware such as access to microphone and webcam.

Hardware Recommendations

Please visit the Hardware Standards and Recommendations for Students page for recommendations.

Software Recommendations

Microsoft Office 365 is available for free to all students. Students have access to the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and much more. You can install Office 365 on up to five compatible PCs and Macs, plus five tablets (including iPad). All work can be saved online in OneDrive so it can be accessed no matter which device is being used. You can use this Office 365 subscription for as long as you are a student.

Download Office 365


  • Can I use my existing laptop? Students can use their existing laptop as long as it meets the course requirements and is able to run any software required by the College.
  • Tablets? The College of Business does not fully support the use of a Google Chromebook, iPad or Android tablet in place of a traditional laptop. While we feel these are excellent devices to complement your laptop, it has large disadvantages if being used as your only device.
  • PC or Mac? The decision is yours but most business software applications do not run on the Mac OS, some courses will require access to a Windows-based laptop.