College of Business Strategic Plan


The clear choice for those who want to engage in real-world learning experiences.


We are an AACSB accredited College of Business committed to exceeding the expectations of those who want to engage in learner-centered education, applied research and high-impact mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Our primary focus is on diversified undergraduate education with expanding opportunities in graduate education and continuing professional education.
  • We engage in collaborative research to advance knowledge of business practice, to further impact student learning and advance business theory.
  • We create relational partnerships as a way to benefit students, business and community.


In the College of Business, we are committed to these guiding principles:

Our core values of being

  • student-centered,
  • innovative, and
  • professional

are always pursued in a spirit of

  • inclusion,
  • collaboration, and
  • collegiality


Strategic Outcome 1:  High-quality teaching and high-impact learning opportunities for the educational and career success of our students.

Strategic Outcome 2:  Diversified resources so faculty, students and the community are having innovative, engaging and impactful learning experiences.

Strategic Outcome 3:  Quantity, quality and sustainability of relationships and partnerships for exceptional student success. 

Strategic Outcome 4:  Recognition and reputation for excellence and authenticity in communication, engagement and relationships. 


Student-Centered: fostering authentic and genuine connections in the relationships with our students and in programs we offer for their learning

Innovation & Excellence: showing leadership in our teaching, scholarship and operations embracing progressively relevant ideas in learning and research

Professional: upholding our culture which embodies our shared high standards of ethical responsibility, accountability, integrity, and career professionalism

Inclusion & Diversity: generating a work environment where everyone has an opportunity to fully participate in creating success and where each of our stakeholders is valued for sharing their skills, experiences, ideas, and perspectives

Collaboration & Collegiality: advancing rich learning through a collaborative process, bringing together faculty, staff, students and community partners