College of Business Strategic Plan

2023 - 2025

Vision_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_5.jpg   Vision

The clear busines school choice for real-world learning experiences.

Mission_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_4.jpg  Mission

We are a regional AACSB accredited College of Business committed to learner-centered education, applied research, and high-impact partnerships. 

  • We engage in collaborative research to advance knowledge of business practice, student learning, and business theory.

  • We are committed to equitable undergraduate business education with expanding opportunities in graduate education and continuing professional education.

  • We create relational partnerships to benefit learners, business, and society.

Values_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_6.jpg  Core Values

  • Learner-Centered
  • Innovative and Professional
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
  • Collaboration

Strategic Priorities

Values_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_6.jpg  Programs

High quality, real-world, and equitable business programs for the educational and career success of all learners.

Resources_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_2.jpg  Resources

Diversified resources to expand engaging, innovative, and impactful learning.

Resources_BUSC728EL_StrategicPlan_Infographic_2.jpg  Partnerships

Partnerships to accelerate educational access, thought leadership, and societal impact in the region.