How can I raise my GPA in order to meet the GPA requirement?

Repeating Courses: Any particular course can only be repeated twice. In other words, a given course can only be taken at most three times--the first attempt/completion of the course and two repeats of that same course. A withdrawal will count as an attempt. In any repeated class, the most recent grade (not the best grade) will become the official grade for the course. All grades will remain on the transcript, but the previous attempts will not be calculated in the GPA or counted toward graduation. Courses originally completed under either the P/N or regular grading method may be repeated under either the P/N or regular grading method. If the initial course was transferred in from another institution, students must file a [PDF] Repeated Course Form (411 KiB) at the Office of the Registrar upon completion of the repeated course to initiate the change to the transcript.

It is suggested that students consult with advisors prior to repeating courses so their completion rate is not negatively affected. See [PDF] policy (213 KiB) on repeat grades.