Step 2: Gather required documents

*Use the following format for labeling ALL internship documents: LastnameFirstname_nameofdocument 

1. Goals Statement 

In a one-page letter briefly summarize your academic and professional background, your career goals, and your internship objectives. The internship objectives are the specific things you hope to learn, experience, and achieve by doing this internship. This letter should be written in a format similar to a standard cover letter and be addressed to the Department Chair. 


2. DARS Report 

Access your DARS. Save as a PDF or copy and paste this document into Word before attaching to your application.


3. Job Description (From Employer) 

This document lists your duties and the projects you will work on during your internship. 


4. Internship Offer Letter (From Employer) 

Letter should be written on company letterhead and include your start date, end date, and number of hours you will work each week. 


IF YOU ARE DOING A CO-OP, you also need to submit a Co-op Form: 

Complete Co-Op Eligibility Process Form and Agreement - Only required if pursuing co-op status. 


Click here to learn more about what Co-Op entails.


Please schedule an appointment by calling 507-389-2963 or email if you have additional questions about Co-Op status. 


Once you have filled out the co-op form, collected the required signatures, and submitted this form to the Registration and Academic Records office, the registration staff will register you for the co-op course.