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Management and Entrepreneurship

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The Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at Minnesota State University, Mankato offers a program of study with the aim of developing the technical, analytical, and conceptual skills for the future leaders of the private and public sectors.


United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience

College of Business | Marketing | Management | Finance

Gain a deeper understanding of the intricacies of business by participating in the Integrated Business Experience. You'll take what you're learning in the classroom and apply it to running an actual business.

Society for Human Resources Management

Developing professionals by providing networking opportunities within the industry and creating connections with other students in a professional growing student organization.

Big Ideas Challenge

The Big Ideas Challenge is a new venture competition that encourages and celebrates students' innovative business ideas.

Belize Fair Trade Study Abroad

College of Business | Marketing | International Business | Management

Come experience Belize! Swim with the sharks, learn how the Mayans made chocolate, and take an evening hike in the jungle all while applying your business knowledge and skills!

Career Opportunities

Depending on one’s concentration, one would find employment as a: 

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Store manager
  • Recruiter
  • Human resource manager
  • Plant supervisor

Companies that often hire our graduates: 

  • Target 
  • Menards 
  • Federal Insurance 
  • Enterprise 
  • Taylor Corporation

Bachelor of Science in Management

Students may choose an emphasis in Business Management or Human Resource Management.

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness and Food Innovation

The AgriBusiness & Food Innovation major prepares students to be the leaders of tomorrow by developing agriculture and food knowledge, skills and abilities.

Minor in Human Resources

Key human resources roles include recruiting and hiring employees, analyzing jobs and writing job descriptions, motivating and evaluating job performance of employees, determining pay and benefits, providing training, ensuring safety and health, and complying with employment laws and regulations.

Agribusiness and Food Innovation Minor

The Agribusiness and Food Innovation Minor prepares individuals to work and innovate in agribusiness, food, and agriculturally-related businesses.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Minor

Thinking like an entrepreneur doesn’t necessarily mean starting a new business. This minor is for any student, from any discipline who wants to explore and implement ideas that create social, environmental or economic value.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate

Entrepreneurship and Innovation is designed to expose, engage, and support students in thinking and experiencing the processes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the interdisciplinary nature of beginning a new venture.

Integrated Business Experience Certificate

The United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience (IBE) allows students to combine a suite of required courses into a semester-long real-world entrepreneurial experience that gives them a head-start on their business careers.