Integrated Business Experience

What is IBE?

The United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience (IBE) allows students to combine a suite of required courses into a semester-long real-world entrepreneurial experience that gives them a head-start on their business careers. As they work together to apply their knowledge to planning, launching and operating an actual business, the students gain the leadership skills, entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on experience that employers look for in new hires.

*New in 2022- Students taking the IBE will earn an IBE Certificate that will show on their transcript, helping to leverage them in the business world. 

Meet the Fall 2021 IBE Companies below:

Chilled Comfort

Chilled Comfort’s focus is to supply high-quality products at competitive prices. At Chilled Comfort, we provide style and comfort while delivering a product line you can trust. 

  • Everest Tumbler
  • Polar Parcel
Proceeds donated to:

Mankato Area Foundation

Contact Information:

Chilled Comfort website

Chilled Comfort Instagram

Eco Insights

Eco Insights is a team of students that are passionate about sustainability; eager to start replenishing the health of the Earth one eco-friendly product at a time. 

  • Minnesota-Shaped Bamboo Cutting & Serving Board
  • Savory Bamboo Lunchbox + Utensils
Proceeds donated to:

Habitat for Humanity

Contact Information:

Eco Insights website

Eco Insights Instagram

Minnesota Milers

The Minnesota Milers is an event and athletic wear company working to promote the connection between a healthy body & mind to lead individuals to a happier life!  We are hosting Krusty’s Donut Dash 5K Fun Run/Walk on November 13th, 2021. 

  • Race Ticket
  • Minnesota Milers Beanie
  • Krusty’s Loyalty Card
Proceeds donated to:

Greater Mankato Area United Way

Contact Information:

Minnesota Milers Website 

Minnesota Milers Instagram

Minnesota Milers Facebook


The United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience (IBE) was formed through a generous gift from United Prairie Bank.

Apply Today

Due to the limited number of seats, you will need to apply for the IBE. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Course Information

The IBE consists of 4 courses (12 credits) taken as a block by a cohort of students over one semester.

Integrated Business Experience Certificate

College of Business | Marketing | Management | Finance

Students that are part of the Integrated Business Experience beginning in 2022, will earn a Certificate in IBE. 

Innovation and Entrepreneurial Minor

College of Business | Marketing | Management | Finance

A minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation consists of  21 credits and requires completion of the United Prairie Bank IBE program. 

Student Projects

Each cohort of students creates and manages a business as a group. Throughout the semester they organize the company, create a business plan, apply for a business loan, and manage the business. At the end of the semester all profits are donated to an organization of their choice.