College of Business Scholarships


Awarded to College of Business students for 2023-2024!

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The College of Business offers many scholarships each year to deserving business students. Various individuals, business firms, community organizations, corporate associations, and commemorative endowed funds provide awards.

2024-2025 Scholarship application window is from February 1, 20234, to February 28, 2024!

To apply, students must be declared business majors.


Application Instructions

  1. Go to
    (Do not skip step 6)
  2. Click the “Sign In” button in the top right corner.
  3. Sign in using your Star ID and password.
    (Please know that many questions have helpful tips - just hold the cursor over the information button.)
  4. Complete the General Application. Be sure to answer all questions that apply to you, upload your DARS and click the “Finish and Submit” button when you are done.
  5. You will then see the College of Business General Application. You must complete the COB application questions to be considered for COB scholarships. You will need to download your unofficial Minnesota State University, Mankato transcript and, in addition, Accounting majors will need to download their resume. When you have completed the questions, click the "Finish and Submit" button. (You will automatically be considered for any/all COB scholarships that you meet the minimum qualifications for.)
  6. Click the green circled arrow. If you are eligible to apply for any additional scholarships, they will be recommended below. (You will apply for each recommended scholarship individually as they have additional questions.)


All applications must be in a submitted/completed status to be considered.Applications in drafted status are incomplete and will not be considered for a scholarship. Once you have submitted the College of Business General Application, click the green arrow to see if there are any additional scholarships you qualify for that require additional information. Accounting majors will be directed to an Accounting General Application.

The application process for College of Business and Accounting Scholarships is completely online. No paper documents will be submitted.

You will need to upload your DARS, Unofficial Transcript and a resume when you apply.

Once you have completed all of the steps below, you will automatically be considered for any College of Business and Accounting scholarships you meet the criteria for with no further action required from you.

Application results will be sent via Mavmail from Scholarship Finder by the end of May. (Applicants should also check their junk email)


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