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Sample internship job descriptions are provided below for your reference.

Accounting Intern

Finance Intern

Human Resources Intern

International Business Intern

Management Intern

Marketing Intern

  1. Post The Internship to Handshake:
    Handshake is the University s free job posting website and is accessible to thousands of students and alumni. If your organization doesn’t have an employer account, you will be required to complete a quick form before posting your internship to the site.
  2. Notify the COB Internships team: Once the internship has been posted, email to ensure your opportunity is communicated directly to related student and faculty groups.
  3. Provide the Successful Applicant an Offer Letter and Job Description: If the student will be earning academic credit for the internship, they must submit a job description and an offer letter printed on your organization’s letterhead outlining the number of hours to be worked each week and the expected duration of the internship. The supervisor or human resources department needs to sign this letter.
  4. Provide a Performance Evaluation: If the student will be earning academic credit for the internship, their supervisor will be asked to submit a final performance evaluation. The student’s direct supervisor will receive an email with a link to this evaluation along with a deadline. Academic credit cannot be awarded if this evaluation is not completed by the deadline.