Error Messages/Override Request Forms

Fill out the form below that MATCHES the error message you are getting. Allow 2-4 business hours for processing. Please pay attention to the error message you are getting - if you are not getting the error message listed, do not fill out the form.

These forms are for overriding Business courses only: ACCT, BLAW, FINA, IBUS, MGMT and MRKT.

Error Message: You don't have permission to register for this course-course status is offered. Special permission:

Section 2 of FINA 362, MGMT 230 and MRKT 210 is RESERVED for the IBE program. If you are not participating in the IBE program, you will need to register for a different section of FINA 362, MGMT 230 and/or MRKT 210.

If you would like to participate in the IBE program, apply using the IBE application to be considered.

Error Message: Student must take/pass test or satisfy course prereqs

Prerequisite Override Request Form

(Substitution/Waiver forms do not eliminate the need for a Prerequisite Override Form.)

Error Message: Minimum GPA must be met

GPA Override Request Form

Error Message: This course restricts registration to the following student program: Upper Division COB

Request to Register for Upper-Division (300-400 level) COB Course Form