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These forms are for overriding Business courses only: ACCT, AGRI, BLAW, FINA, IBUS, MGMT and MRKT.

Error Message: You don't have permission to register for this course-course status is offered. Special permission:

Section 2 of FINA 362, MGMT 230 and MRKT 210 is RESERVED for the IBE program. If you are not participating in the IBE program, you will need to register for a different section of FINA 362, MGMT 230 and/or MRKT 210.

If you would like to participate in the IBE program, apply using the IBE application to be considered.

Section 20 of any course is reserved for BBA students. If you are not a BBA student, you will need to register for a different section. 

Error Message: Student must take/pass test or satisfy course prereqs

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(Substitution/Waiver forms do not eliminate the need for a Prerequisite Override Form.)

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