2023 Big Ideas Challenge Finalists

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2 Seasons Snow Removal and Lawn Care

Harrison Braudis: sophomore, finance major
Chase Bartlett: sophomore, construction management

  • 2 Seasons is an Uber and Door Dash inspired company delivering snow removal and lawn mowing services at the convenience of the customer through an app by pairing them with local snow removal or lawn care companies for a one-time job. 2 Seasons is a third-party company providing snow removal and lawncare companies with the opportunity to create extra revenue by performing jobs for people who are not subscribed to their service.

Allergy Aware, Inc.

Brady Barr '22: Finance 

  • Dining out can be a daunting task for people with food allergies as they face the challenge of not knowing the ingredients in the food that they are being served. The solution lies in providing an allergy menu that clearly indicates the allergens present in each dish. That's where Allergy Aware steps in! We partner with restaurants to develop personalized allergy menus that create a safer environment for both the customers and staff, ensuring that everyone can enjoy their dining experience with confidence.

Infinity 3D Concrete

Bryce Stalboerger: sophomore, construction management 

  • Infinity 3D Concrete is an innovative company that will utilize revolutionary technology to change the construction industry, and the world, through the limitless possibilities of 3D printing with concrete.

Louie Labs

Franz Sherman: senior, integrated engineering; electrical
Yeng Moua: senior, integrated engineering; electrical
Heidi Roeschli: junior, integrated engineering; mechanical
Daniel Armstrong: senior, integrated engineering; mechanical
Benjamin Zuehlke: senior, integrated engineering; mechanical

  • Louie Labs is a subscription box that contains STEM based projects and activities tailored to individuals with visual impairments. In addition, we will develop low cost tools and aids for visually impaired professionals.

Fin's Finest Labs

Zach Finholdt: junior, accounting

  • Fin's Finest Labs specializes in diagnosing diseases in animals, big and small, while subsequently offering solutions to treat these diseases. While offering prevention education and treatments for these animals and their homes, FF Labs focus on providing a customized local reliable resource to all animal owners.


Dominic Bothe: junior, business management

  • HyperFocus is a mobile application that is designed to help students with ADHD improve their academic performance in traditional classroom settings. Using a combination of techniques such as sensory stimulation, symptom identification, & management, HyperFocus helps students recognize their learning styles, manage their time effectively, and improve their attention and focus in the classroom.