2023 Big Ideas Challenge Finalists

FLOCK logo

Muhammad Huzaifa: Computer Information Technology; Junior 

  • FLOCK is a smart lock that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide secure and convenient access to homes using facial recognition. It is not only a modern security solution but also a boon for the elderly and disabled, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a safer and more convenient way to access their homes.

Credit CruncherCredit Cruncher Logo

Jacob Price: Electrical and Computer Engineering; Graduate Student 

  • Credit Cruncher is a credit projection phone app that will graph future credit growth and give tips on how to maximize credit growth and improve graph accuracy. This app can help the user determine when they will have access to the best interest rates, potentially saving them thousands of dollars. This app can also be used to determine if fraudulent or incorrect activity has taken place with the user's credit accounts.

Evoli Logo

Melan Shifa: Computer Science; Junior

  • Evoli is every student's dream dashboard: hosting a harmonious blend of academics, work, career development, projects, and cherished daily habits like hitting the gym, dynamic to-do lists and more. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI, it fine-tunes, and crafts each day's schedule based on task complexities, recovery periods, and individual tastes, saving students invaluable hours and alleviating stress. As the core feature, the personalized AI assistant continually evolves with the user an assistant with many uses from guiding through a class module for an exam, jotting a workout plan or even planning a busy day ahead, ensuring a tailored experience that navigates the intricacies of college life, all under one roof.


Kaleb Betwos: Finance; Senior
Barok Fetehadin Hamza: Computer Information Technology; Sophomore
Makda Asmelash: Management & MIS; Junior
  • GigBridges is a dynamic student-centric platform that connects diverse students with a wide range of gigs and services, fostering community support, innovation, and economic empowerment.

Miracle Logo

Xavier Thomas: Management; Senior

  • Miracle is a social network that provides creatives and entrepreneurs opportunities (connections, lessons, bookings and publicity) to build a sustainable career. Each user with has a personalized experience to address gaps or barriers that hinder their potential. Miracle is designed to never be deleted; our services assist all creative no matter the timeline.

The A.R.N.O.L.D. ProjectThe A.R.N.O.L.D. Project Logo

Jeffrey Schetnan: MIS; Junior

  • Litter not only ruins the appearance of the landscape it resides in, it also causes significant harm to the natural environment we depend on and accumulates more rapidly than it can be collected. The A.R.N.O.L.D. (Aerial Restoration of Nature and Open Land with Drones) Project aims to automate the litter collection and recycling process through the use of drones with computer vision capabilities for a faster, safer, and more efficient process.