The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship offers consulting services to regional area organizations (for-profit or non-profit) that would like to work with an expert and a team of students to find innovative solutions to real-world problems.

Projects must:

  • Require college-level work to complete
  • Have educational value to students
  • Be accomplishable within a semester (about 4 months)
  • Fit the mission, vision, and values of the College of Business
  • Have a budget available

Process Outline:

  1. Organization wishing to do a project will contact the CIE 
  2. Initial phone or email discussion.
  3. Discovery interview to gather additional information.
  4. Project write up by CIE Director
  5. Project write up approval by organization – to assure that information gathered is accurate
  6. Project distributed to University community of faculty, staff, and students
  7. Team lead identified
  8. Team lead and CIE Director create a plan and budget for the project
  9. Proposal with write up, plan and budget submitted to organization for approval
  10. Contract created by University staff and given to organization for signatures
  11. Team lead and CIE Director recruit students for the project
  12. Project work is done, supervised by team lead with regular reports back to organization
  13. CIE staff check-ins with team lead and organizational contact throughout the semester
  14. Project report (written and/or oral) given to organization by students and team lead
  15. Evaluation surveys/interviews done with all parties by CIE staff


We will undertake a limited number of projects each semester so that we can maintain high quality.

Project Cohort 1 will do steps 1 to 7 above during the spring or summer and will start in September with completion in early December.

Project Cohort 2 will do steps 1 to 7 above during the fall and will start in January with completion in early May.

Smaller projects that require less than a semester are possible.


Unsure if your project is right for the CIE?  Contact us and if there isn’t a good fit, we will be happy to refer you to other resources that fit your situation.

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