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A podcast hosted by financial planning students for students!

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Hosts of the Podcast:

Dr. Daniel Hiebert

Austin Deike: Jr., Financial Planning 

Aidan Ryan: So. Financial Planning 

Charlie Frazzini: So., Finance Major 


Join students of the Financial Planning program along with Dr. Dan Hiebert as they share tips and best practices to help you save, manage, and invest money while in college and beyond. 

Episode 7

In this episode, the team talks with Carter Morrissette, a recent college graduate and new financial planner about the importance of employee benefits in your career pursuits. 

episode 6

In this episode, the team interviews two successful financial planners who discuss best practices for setting financial goals.

episode 5 

In this episode the team reviews various ways to track expenses while highlighting three different approaches. The purpose of tracking expenses is to help find money that is slipping through and to redirect that money toward your financial goals.  

episode 4

In this episode, Carolyn Nelson, Scholarship Director of Admissions for Minnesota State University,  talks about how students can set themselves up for success when it comes to scholarships.

Episode 3

In this episode, the team discusses student loans including FAFSA and best practices when applying for student loans. 

Episode 2

In this episode, the team focuses on a high-level view of student loans, and also how they would fit into students' overall cost of education financing. 

Episode 1 

Meet the financial planning students behind the show as they discuss tips for saving money in the grocery aisle and clothing store.

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