Frequently Asked Questions

Complete the program anytime, anywhere, as the program is intended for students who want to complete their degree online.




You may qualify for jobs such as Financial Advisor, Marketing Specialist, Human Resources Specialist, Sales Manager or Administrative Services Manager.


If you graduated from a MinnState System two-year institution, many of your courses will apply from the Transfer Pathways course sequence.

The course schedule sequence of one five-week course at a time (e.g. three fall semester, three spring semester, and two summer session) is available for you to review. 

View program requirements

View two-year plan (for students with AS) here


  • Use the online application Fill out the information as prompted and select "online" for the deliver option of your program. Select "Business Administration" from the dropdown of available majors offered online.
    • >Apply Now > Online Application for Transfer Students and login with StarID.
  • Complete the remainder of the application and enter your StarID password to electronically sign and submit your application
  • Please arrange for transcripts to be forwarded for the Admissions team to review with your application. You should receive a response within ten (10) business days (approximately).


Once your online orientation is complete, you will be registered for all classes by the College of Business MavBiz Online team. There is no need for you to register individually since the cohort will be registered together.

A few weeks before the start of the next BBA degree cohort, a live synchronous program orientation invitation will be sent to you. If you are not able to attend to learn about the specifics of the MavBiz Online BBA program, there will be a recording provided.

It is always an option that you can speak with your advisor about taking an occasional semester-length course, in addition to the BBA Online courses. 

Your time spent will be based on your study skills, prior knowledge, and how quickly you are able to master the course material.