"I was a non-traditional applicant for the MAcc program; I graduated 8 years prior with a degree in open studies. I was able to work with the accounting department professors to personalize my journey in the MAcc with the proper undergrad prerequisites to ensure I was fully prepared for the program. I am very happy how hands-on the professors were in ensuring my classes worked with my work/internship schedules. The MAcc program was vital in ensuring I had the proper number of credits to sit for my CPA. The MAcc classes, in my opinion, better prepared me for the "real-life" experiences in the professional accounting world than the accounting undergraduate alone."

Ross G.

"I made the decision to change career paths after 20 years as a healthcare professional. The pre-MAcc program gave me an opportunity to quickly create and build an accounting foundation. Even though I started with limited accounting knowledge, I always felt that I had adequate materials and resources available to understand and complete my coursework. Even while working part-time, I completed the MAcc program within 1.5 years and felt prepared and confident to enter the accounting field. The professors are extremely knowledgeable, great communicators, and they want to see you succeed. I highly recommend this program to anyone thinking about making that career change!"

Amy M.

"I decided to go back to school soon after I obtained my bachelor's degree due to the lack of well-paying jobs available at the time. My bachelor's degree was in business administration and, therefore, I completed the Pre-MAcc route. I decided that I wanted to enroll in the MAcc program because I knew that going into the accounting profession would provide me with job security and a better-paying career path. Throughout my time in the Pre-MAcc and the MAcc program, I have built my professional network by getting to know professors and by meeting firms through many other opportunities provided through MNSU. Building this professional network helped me secure an internship while I was completing the Pre-MAcc coursework. If you are looking for a launching point into a well-paying career outside of your original major, I recommend going the Pre-MAcc route."

Forrest C.

"After working in the industry, I decided to return to school and change my career path from economics to accounting. I soon realized that my opportunities would be much greater with a master's degree in accounting, including job security and guaranteed financial independence. The application process was easy, and I always had support from University staff members. In addition, I was not required to take GMAT; the only requirement was to pass all the prerequisite classes with an average B. Not to mention, the MAcc program at Minnesota State University is one of the most affordable in the Midwest."

Anna H