Course Registration

Registration Window/E-services

Registration windows for Fall and Spring semesters open at different times dependent on the number of credits you have completed.

(All windows for Summer registration open the same time/date)

Check to see when your registration window opens in E-services.

Click on "Courses & Registration" and then on "Registration Window."

Registration Holds/E-services

Registration holds will prevent you from registering. Check for any holds and get all holds cleared prior to your registration window opening. A hold is different than an error message. See below for registration error resolutions.

Check to see if you have any registration holds in E-services.

Click on "Courses & Registration" and then click on "Registration Holds."

<p(If you have a hold and are not sure why, see the Registration Help Desk located in WA132)

Registration Access Codes/E-services

The College of Business does not use access codes.

If your major requires you to have an access code in order to register, please see your advisor. Access codes ensure you meet with an advisor before being allowed to register.

If you are switching from a major which requires an access code to a major in the College of Business major, please meet with a Business advisor to declare your new major, get assigned a new advisor and receive advising and be sure to ask for your code. Input your access code in E-services.

Click on "Courses & Registration" and then click on "Registration Access Code."

Requirement Guides

College of Business Requirement Guide provide the list of the requirements for each major in the COB. Be sure to choose the catalog year that matches the catalog year on your DARS.

DARS/Interactive Degree Audit/E-services

The DARS is a way to track the requirements for graduation including general education, diverse cultures, writing intensive and your major.

To view your DARS, log into E-services.

Click on "Grades and Transcripts" and then on "Interactive Degree Audit."

Your major link will be available to click on at the top center of the screen to open your DARS.

[PDF] How to Register (483 KiB)

This is a step by step process of how to register for classes.



Registration Error Resolutions

Request to Register for Upper-Division (300-400 level) COB Course Form

Form is submitted when getting error message: This course restricts registration to the following student program: Upper Division COB

GPA Override Form

Form is submitted when getting error message: Minimum GPA must be met

IBE Application

You Do Not Have Permission to Register for this Course/Course Status is Offered/Course Requires Special Permission

Only students in the IBE program can register for Section 2 of FINA 362, MGMT 330 and MRKT 310. You must complete the IBE application to be considered for the IBE program. If you are not participating in the IBE program, you will need to register for a different section. BUS 397 is only for IBE participants.

If you are trying to register for FINA 493 MavFund, please see the Finance Dept Chair in MH 150.

Prerequisite Override Form

Form is submitted when getting error message: Prerequisites have not been met: Prerequisite course: (   ) has not been taken.

(See the Department Chair for the Course)

The Course is Full. For Business majors - only the Dept Chair of the course can consider a seat in a full course. Dept Chair offices are located in Morris Hall 150.

[PDF] Undergraduate Credit Overload Form (11 KiB)

The max credit hours you can register for in any given semester is 18 credits.

If you wish to register for more than 18 credits, you must have special permission.

Dependent on the number of credits you wish to take determines who you need special permission from as indicated at the top of the form.

Once the required signatures have been attained, Business majors should turn the form into the front desk in Morris Hall 151 for processing.