Minor in Business Law

The Business Law minor provides students a solid foundation of business law and the skills to be successful professionals who make ethical, strategic and legally-savvy decisions. The 21 credit minor includes five required courses that cover a wide array of core legal concepts including the legal system, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, contracts, sales, and employment law. Students complete their minor with two additional courses that are tailored to their specific interests and fields including negotiations and conflict management, construction and design law, technology and intellectual property law, and international law. The program also regularly offers study abroad courses in international law and politics. The Business Law minor is a perfect fit for students who plan to go to law or graduate school. It is also designed to give an edge to students who plan to work in compliance-related fields (i.e. human resources management), contract-related fields (i.e. accounting, construction, management, and agribusiness), financial fields (banking and finance), and entrepreneurial fields.

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A minor in Business Law consists of the following credits:

Classes in () are prerequisites that have to be met before registering for a class. Must be admitted to a major to take upper-division courses.

Required Courses (15 Credits)

  • IT 101-3 Introduction to Information Systems
  • BLAW 200-3 Legal Environment of Business
  • BLAW 450-3 Contracts, Sales and Professional Responsibility (200)
  • BLAW 452-3 Employment and Labor Law (200)

Elective Courses (6 Credits) 

Choose two of the following:

  • BLAW 371-3 Computer and Technology Law
  • BLAW 453-3 International Legal Environment of Business (200)
  • BLAW 455-3 Legal Aspects of Banking and Finance (200)
  • BLAW 474-3 Environmental Regulation and Land Use (200)
  • BLAW 476-3 Construction and Design Law (200)
  • BLAW 477-3 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (200)
  • BLAW 483-3 Special Topics
  • BLAW 492-1-3 Study Tour (Prof. and Dept. Chair Permission)