Course Information

The BIE consists of 4 courses (12 credits) taken as a block by a cohort of students over one semester. The four courses consist of the following:

  • MGMT 481 (Business Policy & Strategy),
  • MGMT 332 (Creativity & Innovation),
  • MGMT 443 (Entrepreneurship: New Venture Growth), and
  • MGMT 447 (Special Topics: Business Innovation Experience) which focuses on consulting with a local business under the guidance of a seasoned business professional.

Students must be concurrently enrolled in the Special Topics course and the sections of MGMT 481, MGMT 332, and MGMT 443 that are specifically designed for BIE students.

BIE Courses (12 credits):

MGMT 447 (3) Special Topics: Business Innovation Experience (BIE)

An applied course that will equip students with the essential skills, knowledge, and entrepreneurial mindset required to assess today's business challenges. Students will also receive hands-on experience with regional entrepreneurial companies as they strategize innovative solutions to real-world problems. MGMT 447 is part of the Business Innovation Experience, and students must enroll concurrently in MGMT 447 and sections of FMGMT 481, MGMT 332, and MGMT 443 that are designated for BIE students.

MGMT 481 (3) Business Policy & Strategy

This course places the importance of understanding the role of a general manager, which encompasses an operational and international component.

Prerequisites: FINA 362, MRKT 210, MGMT 230, MGMT 346

MGMT 332 (3) Creativity & Innovation

This course is designed to develop a students personal creativity and help a student identify the process of organizational innovation. The course is comprised of a combination of short lecture, in-class discussion of readings and videos, writing assignments, an elevator pitch and group activities.

MGMT 443 (3) Entrepreneurship: New Venture Growth

This course focuses on startup and post-startup venture activities. Students who have achieved proof of concept with a venture idea will find this course helpful. Students will learn to evolve a business model concept into a sustainable, scalable venture in a variety of business sectors. Topics discussed include business operations, analysis, entrepreneurial finance, growth, and exit strategies. Students will also learn to present their venture ideas to interested stakeholders. The course will allow students to have the opportunity to engage with business professionals and entrepreneurs.