Meet the 2022 Big Ideas Challenge Finalists and Mentors

March 24, 2022 |

We are excited to introduce you to our Big Ideas Challenge finalists and their mentors. Teams are working hard on their business plans to prepare for the April 14 event. Thank you to the Small Business Development Center for connecting us to all of our mentors this year.

Skyler Smith

Skyler Smith

Major: Twin Cities -Integrated Engineering


Description: ELEVATUS is a startup manufacturer of height adjustable kitchen island frames. These Frames are modular and support all common appliances, sinks and base cabinets.

Mentor: Paul Vesey

Autumn Ritter

Autumn Ritter

Major: Business Management

Product: Dialekt

Description: Dialekt is an app intended to help speech language pathologists identify dialects in their clients, so as not to misdiagnose any children with speech disorders and subsequently place them in special education when they do not need to be there.

Mentor: Matt Lessard

Omar Elkenawy

Omar Elkenawy

Major: Computer Engineering

Product: USIL

Description: USIL is a mobile app that connects with a smart glove for disabled people who are hearing-talking impaired.

Mentor: Wes Otto

Sharmake Noor

Sharmake Noor

Major: Finance

Product: X-Lease

Description: X-lease is housing platform, where students can rent, sublease and find roommates.

Mentor: Kevin Sanger

Sumit Mahajan posing in a bee suite holding a honeycomb tray

Sumit Mahajan & Company

Major: Mathematics Grad Student

Partner: Qamrunnisa Fnu, MBA Grad Student

Product: Dr. Queen Bee LLC

Description: Dr. Queen Bee LLC sells raw honey and herb and spiced honey.

Mentor: Hannah Bretz