Kristin Scott, Professor of Marketing

Address: Morris Hall 239
Phone: (507) 389-2324

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  • Principles of Marketing (MRKT 210)

  • Integrated Business Experience Professor

  • Consumer Behavior (MRKT 316)

  • Integrated Marketing Communications (MRKT 318)


  • Ph.D. (Marketing), Oklahoma State University

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Oklahoma State University

  • 2016 MNSU Global Citizen Award

  • 2016 MNSU Woman of Courage and Vision

  • 2015 MNSU Faculty Research Grant 2015

  • 2013 Transformative Consumer Research Grant


  • Weaver, Todd, Mark Mulder, Leslie Koppenhafer, Kristin Scott, and Richie L. Liu (2019), “Diving In Together or Toes in the Water: The Interplay of Community and Nonprofit Engagement in Poverty Alleviation,” Journal of Business Research, 100, 431-440.
  • Kristin A. Scott and S. Todd Weaver (2018), “The Intersection of Sustainable and Anti-Consumption: Repurposing to Extend Product Lifespans,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 37 (2), 291-306.
  • Ozanne, Lucie, Marcus Phipps, Todd Weaver, Michal Carrigton, Michael Luchs, Jesse Catlin, Shipra Gupta, Nicholas Santo, Kristin Scott, and Jerome Williams (2016), “Managing the Tensions at the Intersection of the Triple Bottom Line: A Paradox Theory Approach to Sustainability Management,” Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 35 (2), 249-261.
  • Scott, Kristin A. and Margaret A. White (2016), “Mere Exposure as a Signal: Company Objectives and Propositions,” Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice, 24 (4), 411-421.
  • Scott, Kristin A., Marlys J. Mason, and James D. Mason (2015), “I’m Not a Smoker: Constructing Protected Prototypes for Risk Behavior,” Journal of Business Research, 68, 2198-2206.
  • Scott, Kristin A. and S. Todd Weaver (2016), “Appropriative Co-creation: Human and Material Agency in the Creation of Value,” Society for Consumer Research (Division 23) in the American Psychological Association Convention, Denver, CO.
  • Scott, Kristin A. and S. Todd Weaver (2014), “To Repair or Not to Repair: What Is the Motivation?” Journal of Research for Consumers, 26, 1-31.
  • Scott, Kristin, Diane M. Martin, and John W. Schouten (2014), “Marketing and the New Materialism,” Journal of Macromarketing, 34(3), 282-290.


  • Marketing Club, Faculty Advisor

  • Undergraduate Research Symposium, Faculty Advisor


  • Director of the United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience


My research interests center on increasing consumer well-being through health initiatives, encouraging environmental sustainability, and poverty alleviation.


  • ACR Transformative Consumer Research Grant ($2,840) 2018
  • Delta Sigma Pi Most Creative Professor 2015, 2017, 2018
  • MNSU Woman of Courage and Vision 2016, 2018
  • MNSU Global Citizen Award 2016
  • MNSU Faculty Research Grant ($5,000) 2015
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