Congratulations Spring 2021 Graduates

April 23, 2021 |

Congratulations to all Spring 2021 graduates. We are proud of your hard work and dedication to get to this moment. Welcome to the #MavFam!

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Congratulations to the COB student-athletes graduating this spring. See the list by clicking here

Thank you to the following students for allowing the College of Business to showcase you as a graduate. 

Abigail Nelsen, Accounting and Finance Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Hastings, MN 

Major: Accounting and Finance

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Future plans:  She will be a Staff accountant at LB Carlson starting this fall 

"I would like to give a shoutout to my family for supporting me through my journey, especially my grandpa who passed away in March." - Abigail Nelsen

Congratulations Abigail!

Annika Dahl, Business Management with Human Resources Emphasis Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Shakopee, MN
Major: Business Management with Human Resources Emphasis 

Future plans: Annika is currently deployed in the Middle Eastbut once she returns home she will continue her job as an HR Representative for CRC in Austin. 

“I would like to give a shoutout to the MNSU chapter of SHRM for the exciting meetings, knowledgeable speakers, and the career opportunities that I have received from being a member in RSO. 

Congratulations Annika!

Ashley Byrne

Hometown: Montgomery, MN 

Major: Accounting

Minor: Business Law 

Future plans: Ashley is moving to California, to join her husband who is stationed at Camp Pendelton. She plans on taking the CPA exam in the near future and begin her journey as an accountant.   

"Truly the greatest experience I had at Mankato, was the Sophomore Business Learning Community. It was that program that truly gave me the drive to pursue and truly love Accounting. I would like to thank Kris Rosacker and Linda Meidl for always going above and beyond, to truly see their students succeed. " - Ashley Byrne

Congratulations Ashley!

Blair Wareham, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Woodbury, MN

Major: Marketing

Future plans: Blair will be working at Cintas Corp as a Management Trainee working and learning through every department and making her way into a sales position.  

“I would like to give a shoutout for my sales internship at Rolls-Royce Power Systems in Mankato as it was a great experience and introduction to the sales industry.  - Blair Wareham

Congratulations Blair!

Cathy Carlson

Hometown: St. Peter, MN

Major: Accounting

Thank you to my employer of 22 years, Coughlan Companies, LLC, and their tuition reimbursement program for allowing me to reach for the stars and obtaining my bachelor's degree in accounting.  You are never too old to learn!” - Cathy R. Carlson

Congratulations Cathy!

Courtney Jarvis, Accounting Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Cottage Grove, MN

Major: Accounting

Future plans: Courtney will finish the CPA exam this summer (2021) and begin working as an auditor with Deloitte in the Fall.  

 “I would like to thank Dr. Oksana Kim, Dr. Kris Rosacker, Dr. Abo Habib, Dr. Harry Theiwes.”  - Courtney Jarvis

Congratulations Courtney!

Debgra Giles, Spring 2021 Master of Business Administration  Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Eustis, Florida 

Master of Business Administration 

Future plans: Debra plans on starting a small business consulting firm.  

 I would like to thank Dr. Marilyn Fox for giving me the opportunity to serve as her graduate assistant, the College of Business Graduate program for making it possible to achieve my MBA, and for the many classmates I’ve met along the way.  -Debra Giles

Congratulations Debra!

Dhaval Bhakta

Home country: Gujarat, India

Major: Marketing

Future Plans: Dhaval plans to build a school where he grew up.  

 “I would like to give a shoutout to everyone that has cheered me on and all of the professors that gave me an A.  -Dhaval Bhakta

Congratulations Dhaval!

Ellie Aldrich, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Albert Lea, MN

Major: Marketing

Thank you to my family, friends, and daycare kiddos. You have pushed me to be the best version of myself. I couldn't have done it without you. An extra thank you to my grandpa who always reminded me; "I'm so proud of you". That has kept me motivated each and every day. These last three years in Mankato have been amazing. I can't wait to see where I end up next!  - Ellie Aldrich

Congratulations Ellie!


Ellie Truebenbach

Hometown: Elk River, MN

Major: Marketing

Future plans: Ellie plans on doing medical sales after graduation.  

 “I enjoyed having class with Shane Bowyer and being a part of the IBE Program.  -Ellie Truebenbach

Congratulations Ellie!

Emmanuel Adeyemi

Home town and country: Lagos, Nigeria 

Master of Business Administration 

Future plans: Emmanuel plans on working in corporate strategy upon graduation while continuing to work on his own business, which we hope takes off!  

"Shoutout to Dean Brenda Flannery for being an ally for me and other international students; a big shoutout to Dr. Yvonne Cariveau for being an amazing boss, a caring mentor, an ever-listening ear, and a great support system; shout out to Mike Nolan for not just being a wonderful professor but also for being an amazing mentor to me. I’ll also like to thank everyone at the College of Business that helped make my time as Grad Fellow easy and fun!" -Emmanuel Adeyemi

Congratulations Emmanuel!



 Erika Hanson, Spring 2021 COB Graduate

Hometown: Carver, MN

Major: Marketing

Future Plans: Erika is planning to travel after graduation and hopefully get a job within the medical or pharmaceutical sales industry.
"I would like to thank my family as well as the College of Business for giving me the opportunity to work as a Marketing Assistant. I am so honored to have been a part of such an amazing team. GO MAVS!" - Erika Hanson
Congratulations Erika!
Isabel Okonek, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Elk River, MN 

Major: Marketing 

Future plans: Isabel would like to pursue a career in Sports Marketing 

Shoutouts:  Isabel is thankful for the United Prairie Bank Integrated Business Experience (IBE) and would like to say a big thanks to Dr. Shane Bowyer.

Congratulations Isabel!

Jacob Schumacher

Home Country: Prior Lake, MN 

Major: Accounting

Future plans: This Spring Jacob will start at Schwan's as an Audit Associate and in the Fall,  he will begin the MAcc program. 

"I would like to thank Dr. Habib for always providing great guidance in my academic and professional life." - Jacob Schumacher

Congratulations Jacob!

Jason Peter

Hometown: Prior Lake, MN 

Major: Management 

Future plans: Jason is planning on moving to Scottsdale, Arizona and working as a client success specialist for Paradox ai. 

"Shoutout to the IBE experience and college of business RSO's that give students amazing real-world experiences to help prepare them for their careers. " -Jason Peter

Congratulations Jason!

Joel Koelpin

Hometown: New Ulm, MN

Major: Management

Future plans: Joel is pursuing a career as a business manager and coaching youth sports.  

Shoutout to Professor John Kaliski for teaching me more than I ever thought I could learn about the world of business.” - Joel Koelpin

Congratulations Joel!

Kayla Peterson, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Zimmerman, MN

Major: Marketing

Future Plans: Kayla is planning to be a marketing coordinator and eventually a chief marketing officer someday.  

"Shoutout to my friends and family, I couldn’t have done this without them!  - Kayla Peterson

Congratulations Kayla!


Kelsey Sohre, Accounting Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Good Thunder, MN

Major: Accounting

Future plans: Kelsey will be completing her Masters of Accounting degree

Congratulations Kelsey!

Kwadwo Owusu, Accounting and Finance Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

Double Major: Accounting and Finance

Congratulations to Kwadwo for being chosen as the College of Business Spring 2021 Commencement Speaker!


Future plans: Kwadwo plans on taking his CPA exams and will start working full time at KPMG in June of 2021.  

 Huge thanks to professors Oksana Kim, Harry Thiewes (retired), Queen Booker, and Abo Habib for putting up with me over the countless hours I’ve spent in their office hours. The personal and professional advice given by each one of them has been invaluable to me over my academic journey. Couldn’t have done it without their wise counsel.  - Kwadwo Owusu

Congratulations Kwadwo!

Maddy Krost, Spring 2021 Marketing Graduate

Hometown: Ham Lake, MN

Major: Marketing

Future Plans: Maddy would like to do something in sales after graduation. 

“I enjoyed the Integrated Business Experience and being a part of Delta Sigma Pi with Professor Shane Bowyer.  - Maddy Krost

Congratulations Maddy!

Hometown: Glencoe, MN
Major: International Business

Future Plans: Madelynn will be attending law school. 

Hometown: Green Bay, WI

Master of Business Administration

Future PlansMelissa would like to continue to work in Higher Education in the MN State System, but eventually break into campus recruitment to mentor and guide students into an equitable workforce/company.  

Congratulations Melissa!

Micheala Reidell, International Business, Management, and Spanish Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Deerwood, MN

Major: International Business, Management, and Spanish

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Future plans: Michaela’s goals include working abroad for an international company in either marketing or management.  

 Shoutout to Shane Bowyer's unique teaching style and John Kaliski's encouragement and instruction of cloud computing, CRM, and ERP.  - Michaela Reidell

Congratulations Michaela!

Hometown: Fairmont, MN

Major: Marketing

Shoutouts : Michalia would like to thank TRIO for helping a nontraditional, first-generation, transfer student graduate during a global pandemic!

"We have all been through more than we currently understand, whether it be due to the pandemic or personal battles. Wherever the future takes you or me, we will end up where we are meant to be. Glad to be done with that “B.S.” - Michalia Cyphers

Congratulations Michalia!

Hometown: St. Peter, MN

Master of Business Administration

Future plans: Nathan is excited to continue serving people of Southern Minnesota as St Peter market president at Pioneer Bank.  

"Thank you to Dr. Fox and all the professors who made my MBA experience great!" - Nathan Newhouse

Congratulations Nathan! 

Nicole Oberding, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Red Wing, MN

Major: Marketing

Future plans: Nicole is taking the summer off to travel and then she starts a marketing role in the Twin Cities in the fall.  

Huge thank you to my supportive family and friends, I will miss my house 76 girls so much next year!  - Nicole Oberding

Congratulations Nicole!

Sarah Liz Mane, Marketing Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown and home country: Abidjan(Cote d’Ivoire)/Atlanta(Georgia) 

Major: Marketing 

Future plans: After graduation, Sarah-Liz would like to work and focus on personal growth before pursuing a master's degree in digital marketing. 

"I would like to thank my whole family and friends for their support because without them I wouldn't be able to achieve that."  - Sarah-Liz Mane

Congratulations Sarah-Liz!

Hometown: Ham Lake, MN

Major: Accounting

Minor: Business Administration


Future Plans: Sarah will be pursuing her Master of Accounting degree (MAcc) at MNSU this upcoming fall

"Thank you to my parents for their constant support as I navigate through college. I also want to thank the Accounting Department faculty; your support, knowledge, and experience in the industry have been unmeasured with guiding me through my course work and where I want to work after school." - Sarah Shogren

Congratulations Sarah!


Taylor Krienke, Accounting Graduate Spring 2021

Hometown: Waterville, MN

Major: Accounting

Future plans: Taylor plans on starting the Master of Accounting (MAcc) program and will be pursuing her CPA license.  

"Shoutout to my parents and to all my brothers in Delta Sigma Pi." - Taylor Krienke

Congratulations Taylor!

Home Country: Ivory Coast 
Major: Finance

"Thanks to my parents for trusting me and helping me emotionally and financially to achieve this journey. Thank you for giving me so much to be grateful for." - Touvoli Mariam Kouassi

Congratulations Touvoli Mariam!