Congratulations Graduates

November 19, 2020 |

Congratulations to all Fall 2020 graduates. We are proud of your hard work and dedication to get to this moment. Welcome to the #MavFam!

Thank you to the following students for allowing the College of Business to showcase you as a graduate. 

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Home Country: Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Major: Finance

Future Plans:  After graduation, Abdoulaye is planning to pursue a master's degree in Applied Statistics and Analytics. 

Shoutouts:  I want to thank my parents and my family for always motivating me to give the best of myself and put me in a position to make them proud. 

Congratulations Abdoulaye!

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Hometown: Willmar, MN

Major: Marketing and minor in graphic design and business administration 

Future plans: Alina has accepted a position as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at Feeding Our Communities Partners in North Mankato. 

Shoutouts:  I would like to thank my parents, professors, friends, and boyfriend for helping me achieve my goals. When I thought it was impossible, you all pushed me to believe in myself and I can’t thank you enough. I will forever have my horns up! 😈 

Congratulations Alina!

Arouna Bonkoungou, Management Graduate Fall 2020

Home Country: Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Major: Management

Future plans:  Arouna plans to go on to earn an MBA. 

Shout outs:  I would like to thank my family and friends for their support that made everything possible for me. 

Congratulations Arouna!

Blake Skogen, Management Graduate Fall 2020

Hometown: River Falls, WI 

Major: Management 


Future plans:  Blake will be working in the sales department at Fastenal Company 

Shoutout:  Thank you to my loving family for all the support throughout the years. 

Congratulations Blake!

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Hometown:  Green Bay, WI

Major:  Management

Future plans:  Chelsie will be pursuing a Human Resource Internship in the summer of 2021 in Milwaukee, WI. 

Shoutout:  Thank you Dr. Yvonne Cariveau for being the most understanding and well-rounded professor I had in my college career. You really gave me hope for the future and helped me cope when my classes were the toughest. I will miss having you as a professor and I hope your guidance/leadership reaches other students in the future. 

Congratulations Chelsie!

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Hometown:  LeCenter, MN 

Major:  Accounting

Future plans:  Courtney will be packing up and moving to Florida to start her career in accounting.  

Shoutout:  Amanda Eekhoff, Financial Analysts at Minnesota State Mankato, could not have made a bigger impact.  As a first-generation college student, it was not easy. Having someone who works at the University, and who is able to help guide me throughout my college career has taken much stress off of my experience here at Minnesota State Mankato. Thank you! 

Congratulations Courtney!

Derek Marsolek, Management Graduate Fall 2020

Hometown:  Stillwater, MN 

Major:  Management 

Future plans:  Derek plans to own a business in the next couple of years.  

Shoutout:  Thank you to all my professors who helped me succeed throughout my college career. 

Congratulations Derek!

a person wearing a graduation cap and scarf

Home Country: Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Major: Finance

Congratulations Ange!

Hunter Brekke, Finance Graduate Fall 2020

Hometown:  Mantorville, MN 

Major:  Finance 

Future plans:  Hunter says "the best way to plan for the future is to make the most out of the present."

Congratulations Hunter! 

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Major: Management 

Future Plans: Justin accepted a position at Cambria and will begin in the master of business administration (MBA) program starting in 2021. 

Congratulations Justin!

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Congratulations to our Fall 2020 Graduation speaker!

Home State: Texas

Major: Management and minors in business administration and entrepreneurship and innovation 

Future plans: Career in sales and hopefully staying in MN.

Shout outs: Dr. Shane Bowyer for guiding me along the way. 

Congratulations Mason!

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Home country:  Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Major:  Accounting

Future plans:  Mohamed views this as the beginning of a long journey for knowledge. 

Shoutouts:  My dad once told me “education is the greatest legacy, it is something that nobody can take from you” well, I did it, dad!!  Congratulations class of 2020. 

Congratulations Mohamed!

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Hometown:  Cosmos, MN

Major: Management  

Congratulations Rayanna!

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Home Country:  Nepal

Major:  Management 

Minor:  Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

Future plans: Sambridi plans to complete her master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). In terms of a career, she would like to become a successful business entrepreneur, travel around the world, and become an influencer by making a difference in society. 

Shoutouts: My undergraduate journey at Minnesota State University has been incredible. I have learned so much from my teachers, supervisors, and peers. I am thankful to all of them for their shared knowledge and guidance. I am forever grateful to my parents who supported me. They are the main contributors to my success in life.  

The memory I would always cherish in my undergraduate level of study is being honored by Dean Brenda Flannery with the Dean's List certification for my academic success. I feel proud of myself for maintaining a high academic position since my freshman year. 

Congratulations Sambridi!

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Hometown:  Sherburn, MN

Major:  Accounting

Future Plans:   Sarah received a full-time job at Great Plains Transportation in Fairmont, MN after interning for the company during the summer of 2020. 

Congratulations Sarah!

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Home country: Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

Major:  Accounting 

Future plans: Being a certified public accountant is one of Sionseme's dreams that she would like to achieve. She would like to be part of a team working for a big four company. This bachelor's degree is the beginning of her journey.  

Shoutout: I would like to thank my family especially Dad and Mum for all their support. Then I would like to thank any professors, tutors, departments,  and friends that have been very helpful during this wonderful academic experience. 

Congratulations Sionseme!

Tod Parks, Management Graduate Fall 2020

Hometown:  Fairmont, MN 

Major: Management  

Future Plans:  Tod plans to work in an office setting using his HR degree to enhance his knowledge and the company he is working with. 

Congratulations Tod!