COB Minors

Minor in Accounting

A minor in Accounting consists of the following 18 credits and requires a total cumulative 2.50 GPA. 

AgriBusiness & Food Innovation Minor

The Agribusiness and Food Innovation Minor prepares individuals to work and innovate in agribusiness, food, and agriculturally-related businesses.  The minor includes awareness of the legal, marketing, and financial aspects of business development and culminates in an internship or capstone experience in agriculture. 

Minor in Business Administration

The minor in Business Administration is geared toward non-business majors interested in a broad scope of business courses and skills. Coursework includes accounting, finance, marketing, management and economics. 

Minor in Business Law

A minor in business law provides students with practical knowledge of the complex legal issues that govern the business environment. 

Minor in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The minor is designed to expose, engage and support students in thinking and experiencing the processes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the interdisciplinary and team-based nature of beginning a new venture. 

Minor in Financial Planning

Designed for any major interested in learning about financial planning for personal use or a career in financial planning. Those interested in being a Certified Financial Planner should pursue the major in finance with the financial planning option.

Minor in International Business


Minor in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management involves all of the decisions and practices that relate to managing people in organizations.

Minor in Marketing

A minor in Marketing consists of the following 18 credits and requires a total cumulative 2.50 GPA.