International Students in the College of Business

The organization will focus on helping international students within the College of Business majors. The goals of the organization include:

  • helping international students learn more about their majors and opportunities in their major,  
  • informing them on how they can continue their career path in the future,
  • explaining more about Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training,
  • answering international students of COB 2-22.JPGstudents' questions regarding H-1B visa and visa sponsorship in their professional future, and
  • guiding international students through the whole process of pursuing their degree. 

The organization will be hosting biweekly meetings inviting speakers and guests including International Kearney Center immigration advisors and the College of Business professors. 

Meeting information:

Check back at the beginning of the fall semester in August, 2022

Email the club:

President: Marianna Dermenji

Vice-President: Badariah Umar

Advisor: Samantha Campa

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