Trevor Heeren

Thomson Reuters & Maverick Software Consulting

February 16, 2018 |

Major: Bachelor of Science in Applied Organizational Studies. Minors in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Class Level: Senior

Employer: Thomson Reuters & Maverick Software Consulting (I'm contracted through Maverick Software to Thomson Reuters)

Internship Title: Business Analyst Intern

How did you find your internship: Mavjobs

Summary of internship responsibilities:Within Thomson Reuters I will work with a portfolio governor in the tracking of end to end project delivery to sustain the internal IT needs of Thomson Reuters provided by IBM. This includes the tracking of projects and communication with vendors to ensure awareness of whose responsible, accountable, consulted and informed. A large portion of my job involves working with data and creating tools and reports to assist my team in their workload.

Benefits of interning:There are many benefits that come with getting an internship with a company like Thomson Reuters. A huge benefit for myself was learning how to communicate completely electronically. Our team is spread out globally.  I work remotely in Mankato, MN while my boss works in Eagan, MN. There are three people on my team that work from India and many in the UK. Learning how to communicate, set up WebEx meetings using outlook, and to be productive in your work is a huge benefit. 

Challenges faced: When I first started my internship my knowledge of Microsoft Office products and other computer applications wasn't the best. I knew the typical (really simple) tools in Excel and Word, but nothing over the top. I felt as if I was lost for the first two weeks of my internship. This was a big challenge for myself as my team heavily depends on Pivot Tables in Excel and a very large SharePoint database. I was able to overcome this challenge by meeting with my teammates and asking a lot of questions. I still learn new things everyday on the tech side of my job, but now that I know the basics I am able to add my knowledge of business to our team. .

Recommendations for success: I actually applied for this internship twice. I interviewed the first time and did not get the position. A year later I was searching on MavJobs and came across the job post again. I thought to myself, "I already went through this process once, I'm not going to do it again." I actually closed my computer and walked away. A couple weeks later, I was back on MavJobs and I saw the posting was still open. I decided to submit my resume again. A day later I received a call and set up an interview. When I arrived at the interview, the interviewer recognized my face and remembered that I had interviewed for this position before. The interviewer relayed that to the team at Thomson Reuters, and they were very impressed with that simple fact.

If I wouldn't of swallowed my pride and applied again, I would not be typing this success story. "You never fail until you stop trying." - Albert Einstein

Career plans after graduation:I hope to continue my career with Thomson Reuters after I graduate in May 2018. I also am keeping my eyes open for any other opportunities that may come my way. I would like to stay in the same area of business. I have come to love the analytics of business, and getting my feet wet in the IT world has been eye opening. 

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