Shun Ito

Japan Business Systems (JBS)

February 16, 2018 |


Major: Business Management

Class Level: Senior

Employer: Japan Business Systems (JBS)

Internship Title: IT professional Engineer

How did you find your internship: I found the job at Boston Career Fair, a huge career fair for bilinguals who can speak both Japanese and English at business level.

Summary of internship responsibilities: The job responsibility of IT Professional Engineer is to create a system and an application that solve some problem clients have. Since JBS is a golden partner of Microsoft for five years, IT professional Engineer is required to have deep understanding of Microsoft products like Dynamic 365, AX, Azure, and more. After two-month of basic training, I can choose to be Application Specialist, IT Consultant, or ERP Engineer.

Which classes/experiences/exercises helped the most for your interview process: MGMT 200, MGMT 459 class by John Kaliski helped the most for the interview process. What I have learned from his MGMT 200 class are HTML, CSS, SEO, and Analytics to build a website from scratch. In addition, I have learned Cloud, CRM, and ERP system such as Google Suite, Dynamic 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft AX from his MGMT 459 class. Learning how to use these technologies are beneficial, but the main points of the classes were not to learn these enterprise level technologies. The main points of the classes were to be able to sell these technologies to business owners after you learned the technologies. When I took his MGMT 459 class, I had to form a team and provide pitches to John about these technologies as a sales person. The experience to pitch these enterprise level technologies helped me the most for the interview process. For example, at the final interview with the president of the company, he told me to pitch Cloud and Microsoft Azure. I did exactly same pitch I have done in MGMT 459 class, and the president of the company loved my pitch and offered me a job after the pitch.

Benefits of interning:My internship gave me a better understanding of supply chain and how it works throughout a company. I was able to gain real world experience while continuing to learn hands on everyday.

Recommendations for success: The recommendation for other students is to find things you have a passion to do. This is the most important part, and you should take a huge amount of time to find it out. You probably take three months to find it. This is not what your parents and friends want you to do. This is what you want to do even if people around you disagree with your decision.

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