Macy Wagner

Minnesota Department of Transportation

February 16, 2018 |

Major: Business Management

Class Level: Senior

Employer: Minnesota Department of Transportation

Internship Title: Student Worker Paraprofessional-Human Resources

How did you find your internship: Found on indeed/ MnCareers website

Summary of internship responsibilities: I collected updated Position Descriptions from all employees in the district, scheduled interviews for various positions, updated the intranet page that represents HR in our district, completed various projects in the human resources scope at MnDOT.

Benefits of interning I learned, in depth, the purposes of many policies and procedures in place at MnDOT, and across other state agencies. I, also, gained confidence in my professional skills and invaluable experience in Human Resources.

Challenges Faced: The first couple weeks were overwhelming, there were so many departments, people, policies, procedures, contracts, etc. (after 7 months it’s still hard to keep them all perfectly straight but I am almost there!) There was a lot of new information to learn everyday which could be demanding at times.

Recommendations for success: Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and do not be afraid to say no. Asking questions does not make you look foolish, it makes you look eager to learn. Retain the information, write it down (in more than one place if you’re like me!) and use it next time until you don’t need your notes. All of those small successes lead to big successes. I’ve learned that saying “no, I don’t know how to do that yet” or “no, I cannot take that project on at this time” is okay at times too. It saves a lot of headache later when you are honest with yourself, and in my experience it looks better to return 3 exceptionally done projects than 5 sub-par projects that you fumbled your way through, as long as you are still working efficiently and effectively with an eagerness to learn.

Career plans after graduation: After graduation I will continue to work with MnDOT where I have accepted a full time position as a Human Resources Technician to gain more real world experience.

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