Jim Tong — Spring '17


February 15, 2018 |

Major: Accounting

Class Level: Senior

Employer: BDO

Internship Title: Tax Intern

How did you find your internship:

Through MNSU Golfing Event, interacting with different firms. I was willing to learn how to golf, leting employers know that I didn’t know how to golf, showed initiative and willingness to learn as well as being able to step out of my comfort zone and admit that I didn’t know how to golf.

Summary of internship responsibilities: Preparing tax returns

Benefits of interning:

  • Get a foot in the door 
  • Understand what accountants do and what they need to know
  •  Gain experience for the future 
  • See if tax is the right field, gives perspective of what the future will look like

Challenges faced:

  • Lack of information 
  • First internship 
  • Asking questions to try and learn how BDO functions

Recommendations for success:

Getting involved at an early age and staying involved, is a huge key to success. Whether it is in the club for your major, the college of business, or a fraternity/sorority, employers want to see that you are involved in more than just your schooling. Going along the lines of getting involved, Employers also want to see you take on leadership roles. Leadership roles show that you can take initiative and are willing to take on larger responsibilities.

Career plans after graduation:

Networking!! Being involved on campus with events and organizations. Talk to employers when they are on campus. Keep in contact through email and LinkedIn. Practice interviewing. Meet with Luke Howk. Continue to grow and learn. 

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