Brian Krawiecki

Verizon Center

February 16, 2018 |

Major: Marketing

Class Level: Senior

Employer: Verizon Center

Internship Title: Marketing/Event Management Intern

How did you find your internship: I found this internship through a former employer who referred me for the position.

Summary of internship responsibilities:

  • Promoted events via social media
  • Helped manage concerts, hockey games, weddings, and other events
  • Managed inventory
  • Assisted in creating new signs around the building

Benefits of interning: My internship experience benefited me by improving my professionalism in the workplace, Learning how to better prioritize tasks, and how to maintain a level head in high stress situations.

Challenges faced: Some of the biggest challenges I faced during my internship was learning how to use photo shop, continuing my experience with Microsoft Excel, and learning how to use the inventory software.

Recommendations for success: My best advice for future business students is to network with as many people as possible whether its classmates, professors, or anyone around you because they say it's all about who you know! Also make sure to utilize all of the great resources that are provided to the students from the college of business.

Career plans after graduation: After graduating I plan on moving to Minneapolis and hope to start a career in either sales or advertising.

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