Dress Code

Meet the Firms: Business Professional

Game Night Networking Event: Business Casual or Business Professional

There are two types of business professional dress: the more traditional and conservative version, and the more contemporary version. For Meet the Firms, the traditional and more conservative version will be required. 



  • Suit color: black, navy blue, or dark grey
  • Crisp, collared, button-up shirt, complemented by a tie
  • Conservative tie color, nothing too colorful or distracting
  • Button rules:
    • 3 buttons - Sometimes, always, never rule (sometimes button the top button, always button the middle button, never button the bottom button)
    • 2 buttons - Button the top button and not the lower one
  • Belt must be worn
  • Shoes must match the color of your belt
  • Neat and trimmed facial hair


  • Natural makeup, no dark or colorful eye-shadows or lipstick
  • Suit color: black, navy blue, or dark grey
  • Jacket must be a full, long-sleeve blazer
  • Shirt must be button-up and collared
  • Conservative colors for shirt: white, light blue
  • Knee-length skirt or slacks that match jacket color
  • If you wear tights, must be skin-toned in color
  • Close-toed, solid-dark colored flats or heels that are no higher than 2 inches
  • Hair should be away from your eyes/face so it is not distracting
  • Minimal jewelry (stud earrings, one ring)



  • Long-sleeve button-up collared shirt (solid or conservative stripes)
  • Tie should complement the shirt and be 2.5 to 3.5 inches wide (optional)
  • Simple long-sleeve V-neck sweater (optional)
  • Black, dark navy, grey, and khakis are all acceptable colors for dress pants
  • Black or brown leather dress shoes that match the belt
  • A watch with a gold or silver band - no digital sport watches


  • Conservative blouse or long-sleeve/elbow length button-up shirt (pastel colors)
  • Slacks, knee-length skirt, or dress (black, grey, khaki, or navy blue colors)
  • Blazer or cardigan (optional)
  • Simple small jewelry (one ring, one bracelet)
  • Close-toed, solid-colored flats or heels no longer than 2 inches
  • Natural makeup, no dark or colorful eye-shadows or lipsticks
  • Hair should be neat, conservative, and away from your eyes/face so it's not distracting