Admission & Business Foundation Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission to the College of Business Majors (follows the current catalog, see requirement guides for past catalogs)

Admission to a major in the College of Business typically occurs at the beginning of the student’s sophomore year. Once admitted, students may choose to pursue a degree in one or more of the following Business majors: Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, or Marketing. 

Multiple criteria will be considered for admission to majors in the College of Business. Admission is competitive; meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. 

Deadlines for application are: October 1 for Spring semester and March 1 for Fall semester.

Criteria for Admission to a Major in the College of Business 

  1. Minimum Grade Point Average: 2.50 Total Cumulative (includes transfer gpa)
  2. Completion of the five Required Prerequisite and General Education courses as listed below with a minimum grade of C (2.0) in each course – 15 credits:
    • Classes in ( ) are prerequisites that must be completed before registering for the class they are prerequisites for. 
      • IT 101-3 Intro to Info Systems 
      • MATH 130-4 Finite Math & Intro Calc 
      • ACCT 200-3 Financial Accounting (MATH 112, 115, 121, 130 or 181) 
      • BUS 295-2 Professional Preparation for Business Careers (*This is when you apply for admission to the major.) 
      • ECON 201-3 Principles of Macroeconomics



No minor required.

ECON 201, ECON 202, ECON 207, MATH 130 and PHIL are General Education courses.

*Students must be admitted to a major before they can take 300/400 level courses.*

Classes in ( ) are prerequisites that must be completed before registering for the class they are a prerequisite for.


Major Common Core: All courses below are Required of all College of Business Majors - 37 Credits: 

  • ACCT 210-3 Managerial Accounting (ACCT 200) 
  • BLAW 200-3 Legal Environment of Business 
  • ECON 202-3 Principles of Microeconomics 
  • ECON 207-4 Business Statistics (MATH 112 or MATH 130) 
  • FINA 362-3 Business Finance (ACCT 200) 
  • IBUS 380-3 Principles of International Business 
  • MRKT 210-3 Principles of Marketing 
  • MGMT 230-3 Principles of Management 
  • MGMT 300-3 Introduction to MIS (IT 101) 
  • MGMT 346-3 Production and Operations Management (ECON 207) 
  • MGMT 481-3 Business Policy and Strategy –Take Senior Year. All 5 Prerequisites must be completed first. (FINA 362, IBUS 380, MGMT 230, MGMT 346, MRKT 210) 
  • PHIL 120W, 205W, 222W, 224W, 226W or 240W -3 (choose one of these courses)