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E-services contains many of the vital services such as class registration, online bill pay, address change and degree audit reports. Link: EServices 

    • DARS
      DARS provides assistance in determining a student's progress in the completion of their chosen degree program.  It shows all of the catalog requirements needed to obtain a degree, indicating which ones have been completed and which requirements are yet needed to be finished.  This information is shown in a document called an audit. Link:
    • GRADES 
      Students can view their grades for a term using the web. The location for viewing grades is the same as that for registering on the web: Link:
      View Account Balance on Student eServices Link:
      The financial services specialists at the Campus Hub are available to answer questions and connect students with additional advising assistance if needed. Link:

Desire2Learn (D2L or BrightSpace) is a complete web-based suite of teaching and learning tools that provide course development, delivery and management of online courses.

    • Navigate D2L Environment for Learners
      For more information about getting started with Desire2Learn, D2L has a whole list of videos on their YouTube Channel. Link   
    • Brightspace Pulse
      A mobile app that helps students keep track of important updates. It brings news, deadlines, and grades together in one place so they can spend less time organizing and more time learning.
      Get Pulse for Android on Google PlayGet Pulse for iOS on iTunes

In addition to Office 365 in the Cloud, enrolled students can download Windows and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus and a host of other software for free! It’s fast, easy, and available on a variety of platforms. Link:

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