Minor in Human Resources

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Human Resource Management involves all of the decisions and practices that relate to managing people in organizations. Important HRM activities include recruiting and hiring employees, analyzing jobs and writing job descriptions, motivating and evaluating the job performance of employees, determining pay and benefits, providing training, ensuring safety and health, and complying with employment-related laws and regulations. The effective management of the human resources of an organization is critical to the organization's success.

A minor in Human Resource Management consists of the following 18 credits and requires a total cumulative 2.70 GPA. Students are strongly encouraged to complete IT 101. Classes in () are prerequisites that have to be met before registering for a class. Must be admitted to a major to take upper-division courses.

  • MGMT 330-3 Principles of Management
  • MGMT 340-3 Human Resource Management
  • MGMT 380-3 Human Behavior in Organizations (330)
  • MGMT 441-3 Staffing (340)
  • MGMT 442-3 Compensation Management (340)
  • MGMT 445-3 Training and Development (340)