Maria Kalyvaki, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Address: Morris Hall 256
Phone: 507-389-5400


  • MRKT 210 Principles of Marketing
  • MRKT 318 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MRKT 480 Seminar

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Professional Excellence

  • Ph.D., Agricultural Communications & Education, Texas Tech University

  • MBA, Southwest Minnesota State University, Marshall, MN

  • M.Ed., Instructional Technology & Human Resources Development, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Athens, Greece

  • Graduate Certificate, Environmental Sciences, Policy and Management, University of the Aegean, Lesvos, Greece

  • B.S., Agricultural Engineering, Technological Educational Institute of Kalamata, Kalamata


  • Kalyvaki, Maria; McIntosh, Heather; Nash, Kyle. "Virtual selfhood and consumer behavior: Exploring avatar attachment and consumption patterns in Second Life's metaverse." Computers in Human Behavior: Artificial Humans. Volume 1, Issue 2, 2023, 100016. ISSN 2949-8821.
  • Kalyvaki M., Spencer D., Bowyer S., Preparing Gen Z for a career in Agribusiness: what industry wants amid the COVID crisis? Short Paper Presentation, International Food and Agribusiness Management Association (IFAMA) 2022, Costa Rica

  • Mead C., Schalge S., Kalyvaki M., Teaching in the Time of Covid-19: Holistic, Enduring and Challenging Responses in Higher Education, Panel Presentation, Annual Conference 2022- Society for Applied Anthropology, Salt Lake, UT

  • Rendahl K., Mead C., Kalyvaki M., Ye Q., Degener R. and Schalge S., Compassion in Online Teaching and Learning: Before and after the declaration of the global Covid -19 pandemic, Scholars at Work at MSU 2022, Mankato, MN

  • Meehl, M., Hadoop, W. and Kalyvaki, M. WINS is Winning at Preparing Women for Leadership in IT. Poster. PEARC20. Virtually.
  • Kalyvaki. M. & Sajdak, D. Empowering Women in HPC careers through participation in the WINS apprenticeship. Poster. PEARC19. Chicago, IL.
  • Neeman, H., Al-Azzawi, H., Bergstrom, A., Braiterman, Z., Brunson, D., Colbry, D., Colmenares, E., Fuller, A., Gesing, S., Kalyvaki, M., Mizumoto, C., Park, J., Schwartz, A., Simms, J., and Vania, R. 2018. Progress Update on the Development and Implementation of the Advanced Cyberinfrastructure Research & Education Facilitators Virtual Residency Program. Article and Oral Presentation. PEARC’18. Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Kalyvaki, M. & Stewart, J. 2018. Winning with WINS: Women in IT Networking for SuperComputing. Oral Presentation. UETN Tech Summit. Salt Lake, Utah.
  • Mehta, A. & Kalyvaki, M. 2017. Learning Management System: Education Research in the Era of Technology, Computer-Aided Data Analysis in Chemical Education Research (CADACER): Advances and Avenues. January 1, 2017, 9-19
  • Kalyvaki, M. & Nwachukwu, B. 2015. Training the Technology Resource Center (TRC) student workers through Brightspace (D2L), Minnesota Brightspace Ignite. Minneapolis, MN.
  • Navarrete, L., Grisham, B., Kalyvaki, M., McGaughey, K., Mougey, K., Skipper, B., Perry, G., and Boal. C. 2013. Diurnal Activity Patterns of Black-Necked Stilts (Himantopus mexicanus) During the Non- Breeding Season in the Eastern Caribbean. Journal of Caribbean Ornithology 26, 17–21.
  • Skipper, B., Grisham, B., Kalyvaki, M., McGaughey, M., Mougey, K., Navarrete, L., Rondeau, R., Boal, C., and Perry. G. 2013. Non-Overlapping Distributions of Feral Sheep (Ovis aries) and Stout Iguana (Cyclura pinguis) on Guana Island, British Virgin Islands. IRCF Reptiles and Amphibians 20, 7–15.
  • Kalyvaki, M. & Sidiropoulou, S. 2009. Coverage of Climate Change in Greek Newspapers: Preliminary Results. Poster. Texas Tech University Graduate Conference. Lubbock, TX.
  • Klein, C., Kalyvaki, M., & Mullins, D. 2010. A Research Based Approach for Developing Printed Recruitment Material for Undergraduate Landscape Architecture Students. Oral Presentation. 2010 NACTA Conference. Penn State University, PA.

Service and Outreach

Areas of Expertise

My research interests center on self-branding, social media marketing and agribusiness.

Awards and Honors

  • (2021) Faculty Improvement Grant (FIG)

  • (2020) Nadine B. Andreas Research Faculty Grant

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