Kevin Elliott, Professor of Marketing

Address: Morris Hall 261
Phone: (507)389-5404


Classes Taught - (Marketing Management, Sales Management, Business-to-Business Marketing, Distribution Strategy, Professional Selling, Principles of Marketing) Teaching Awards - (Distinguished Professor of the Year Award for the College of Business - 2004, Honorary Faculty Member of Beta Gamma Sigma - 2005)


Areas of research interest include: 1) consumer use of social media, 2) consumer online purchasing behavior, and 3) consumer online auction bidding behavior. Recent Research Publications: 
  1. Hall, Mark C., Kevin M. Elliott, and Juan Meng (2017), “Using the PAD (Pleasure, Arousal, and Dominance) Model to Explain Facebook Attitudes and Use Intentions,” The Journal of Social Media in Society, Vol. 6, No. 1, 144-169.
  2. Mummalaneni, Venkatapparao, Juan Meng, and Kevin M. Elliott (2016), “Consumer Technology Readiness and e-Service Quality in e-Tailing: What is the Impact on Predicting Online Purchasing?” Journal of Internet Commerce, Vol. 15, No. 4, 311-331.
  3. Hall, Mark C., Kevin M. Elliott, and Juan Meng (2016), “Predicting Consumers’ Attitude Toward Their Facebook Experience: The Influence of Cognitive and Affective Factors,” Journal of Technology Research, Vol. 7,
  4. Hou, Jianwei and Kevin M. Elliott (2016), “Gender Differences in Online Auctions,” Electronic Commerce Research and Applications, Vol. 17, May-June, 123-133.
  5. Hou, Jianwei and Kevin M. Elliott (2014), “How Do Online Bidders Differ from Non-Bidders,” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Vol. 21, 18-25.

Professional Excellence

Ph.D. in Marketing

Commitment to Student Success

Supervised the development of numerous marketing plans that were used to obtain bank loans by student groups involved in the Integrated Business Experience (IBE).
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