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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Strategic Outcome 3

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Strategic Outcome 3:

Quantity, quality, ans sustainability of relationships and partnerships for exceptional student success. (2011–2014 Expand partnerships)


Relationships and Partnerships: Internal and external relationships and partnerships with example including other MSU departments/colleges/divisions, Minnesota State community colleges, non–profits, alumni, employers, industry partners, international educational partners, community agencies, and benefactors.

Action Items

Increase student learning experiences through partnerships

  • Identify and create partnerships with employers who have international operations
  • Expand the number and diversity of employers recruiting our undergraduate and graduate students
  • Create collaborative partnerships with associations and chambers of commerce for engaging students, faculty, and staff in learning opportunities
  • Enhance the College of Business "Executive–in–Residence" program with specific plans for each academic year

Identify and implement opportunities for contributing to our broader community business success

  • Identify and develop specific business centers for excellence within the College of Business
  • Develop and offer expanded business continuing education offerings

Create faculty research opportunities with business partners

  • Develop a mechanism that facilitates the matching of faculty members' skills with business needs
  • Encourage, support, and document teaching and research collaboration with businesses
  • Research, select, and implement a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the College of Business

All College of Business departments and programs will form advisory councils and implement a plan for engaging with the council members