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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Strategic Outcome 2

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Strategic Outcome 2:

Diversified resources so faculty, students, and the community are having innovative, engaging, and impactful learning experiences. (2011–2014 Enhance and diversify resources)


Diversified resources: Examples include private fundraising, corporate fundraising, grants, contracts, differential tuition, fees, and programs with direct financial benefit to the College of Business.

Action Items

Increase private giving resources for the College of Business

  • Finalize the funding and construction plan for a new College of Business building
  • Increase the number and value of College of Business scholarships
  • Identify and fund endowed position opportunities for College of Business faculty, graduate students, and program chairs
  • Enhance and fund the Student Assistant Program where students engage in real–life work experiences within the College of Business
  • Identify and fund high–impact learning opportunities and programs

Create and implement a plan for acquiring grants, contracted projects, and outreach opportunities that will bring new resources into the College of Business for all programs

  • Identify opportunities to offer continuing education/certificate programs for business professionals
  • Identify and implement a funding plan for professional development of faculty and staff

Create a plan to manage the decrease in state funding by developing smart partnerships with other MSU colleges/programs and with other higher education institutions

  • Create new programs with high–impact learning that meet business needs