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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Technology (Laptop) Program

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It's more than just a laptop!

The world is at your fingertips—literally! The College of Business technology program is an integral part of the learning experience for business majors and minors at Minnesota State Mankato. The College of Business prepares its students to be effective business leaders in a dynamic, global economy. We harness the power of technology to provide students with a current, dynamic learning environment and hands-on experience with information sources and technology applications used by business professionals.

Do I need to purchase a Laptop?

All students enrolled in COB courses, whether you are a COB major or simply taking courses from the college at the 200 level or above are expected to have a laptop to complete their academic course work.  The COB does not require a specific laptop but encourages all students to have a laptop that meets the college recommendations for success in their courses. 

Recommended Laptops for Business students

The College of Business is committed to helping our students become strong, self-sufficient users of computing technology, with the expectation that all students follow the guidelines established for our Business School community.

Student Responsibilities for Laptops

Students are responsible for maintaining their personal laptop computer for use as an instructional tool in their program. College of Business helps students fulfill this responsibility by providing support within the guidelines listed below.

  • Students are expected to independently learn how to effectively use a laptop, to participate in training opportunities as appropriate, and to solve general laptop problems.
  • Students are expected to secure an extended warranty with their preferred laptop vendor or to use a local repair vendor for problems. We recommend insurance for accidents and theft for your protection.
  • Students are responsible for mastering software required by faculty.
  • Information Technology Services will provide full assistance to students with hardware and software. Find out more about these services and repair fees HERE.
  • Students are expected to keep operating system updates and anti-virus software current and to follow safe computing practices.

Individual success in leveraging available technology for academic benefit depends on observance of these principles.

Information Technology Services Support for Laptops:

To support our students with laptop use as an academic tool, Information Technology Services provides:

  • Recommendations on Software and Hardware when relevant.
  • Instructions for setup and use of our services specific to our environment through documentation, workshops, web-based training, and individual assistance as appropriate.
  • Trained staff and instructional resources to support our recommended software use.
  • Trained staff to assist with our recommended hardware and software configuration.
  • ITS provides a full Service Desk to support all students and the link to the detailed list can be found HERE.
  • Regular ITS support office hours are the same as the SLA defined to all students on campus located HERE.

ITS Standard Support Guidelines:

  • ITS provides a laptop repair facility for students.
  • ITS provides focused support for problems affecting academic use and with software and hardware configurations recommended by the college.

Supported Operating System | Windows and MAC:

The Business School is a primarily a Microsoft Windows-based computing environment:

  • The majority of business and internship environments you will experience as part of your degree program heavily favor the PC.
  • Some software used as part of the curriculum will only run on a PC.
  • Our faculty are mostly trained in the support of Windows computers.
  • The Business School software is mostly Windows-based.

Frequently Asked Questions

All undergrad and graduate programs require students to own a laptop and require access to a Windows-based laptop.

  • Can I use my existing laptop? Students can use their existing laptop as long as it meets the minimum specifications set by the university and is able to run any software required by the College.
  • Tablets? The College of Business does not fully support the use of an iPad or Android tablet in place of a traditional laptop. While we feel these are excellent devices to complement your laptop, it has large disadvantages if being used as your only device.
  • PC or Mac? The decision is yours but most business software applications do not run on the Mac OS, some courses will require access to a Windows-based laptop. If you own a Mac, you may be required to install Parallels, VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box (FREE), or Apple Boot Camp to run required course software.

Questions about the COB Technology Program?
Please contact the COB information Desk at 507-389-2742