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About the Department

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Department of Marketing and International Business

It is the objective of the department to advance the understanding and practice of marketing and international business. Faculty advance the discipline of marketing through research, writing, and involvement in professional associations. They improve the practice of marketing with a progressive curriculum for full- and part-time students. The region's business community and public institutions also are directly served with student and faculty consulting and research projects. The marketing major prepares students for marketing positions in retail management, industrial sales, promotion, marketing research, or marketing management, and equips them with the comprehensive knowledge necessary to assume upper management positions in the marketing function.

The International Business Program prepares students to meet the challenges of the global economy. Students can select from a wide range of business electives. Most of the students are employed in the finance, marketing, transportation and international divisions of the small- to mid-size corporations.

The Department of Marketing and International Business is comprised of 11 faculty members (8 in Marketing and 3 in International Business). Numerous scholarships and paid internships are available for students after they are admitted to the College of Business.


Each year, thousands of goods and services are consumed in highly dissimilar domestic and international markets. Understanding how and why these people consume, and making products available to them, requires the services of educated marketing professionals who possess a variety of skills and knowledge. Whether one's career interest is more oriented toward the creative, the practical, or the quantitative, or is "people oriented", the marketing field offers career opportunities and Minnesota State University, Mankato offers a professional program in marketing that may be tailored to specific career interests.

International Business

The purpose of the International Business Program is to offer a quality program to students interested in international careers. The International Business Program is comprised of faculty who have international experience and are specialists in international marketing, finance, management, exporting and other specialties. Faculty members from the areas of political science, history, geography, and foreign languages contribute additional support.


The internship opportunities available to MSU Marketing and International Business students provide students with a rich extension of the classroom experience. Each internship is designed to provide the student with a learning experience not possible in the traditional classroom setting. Students are not only exposed to many of the functional areas of marketing and international business while participating in internships, they also gain valuable organizational experience working as part of a marketing or international business team.

All students are strongly encouraged to participate in the internship program, not only because internships provide an excellent opportunity to evaluate potential careers, but they also enrich students' classroom experiences. An additional benefit of students completing an internship is that it helps them establish the networks so necessary for career success.

Click here to learn more about Marketing Internships and apply for credit or contact the College of Business Internship Coordinator at for more information.

Student Clubs

Marketing students may join the Marketing Club. This club is very active and help students focus on their careers as well as build organizational skills. Guest speakers from industry are brought in and students participate in activities such as field trips to businesses, job interview seminars, charity fundraisers, and social events. Members also have opportunities to attend regional and national meetings.

The International Business Organization (IBO) is involved in professional, academic, and social activities. All International Business and College of Business students are encouraged to join.