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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Business Analytics Certificate

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Receive a certificate in business analytics to be able to better analyze and support data-driven business decisions. This new certificate will help you launch your career as a professional and be well versed in analytical decision making. 

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17 Credit program

Students with previous credit should consult with the Finance Department Chair before starting certificate. Transfer students pursuing this certificate must complete at least 50% (one-half) of the coursework at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Class requirements:

Math 112 - (4) College Algebra (or equivalent)

Concepts of algebra (real numbers, exponents, polynomials, rational expressions) equations and inequalities, functions and graphs, probability.


ECON  207 - (4) Business Statistics

Basic statistical methods including measures of central tendency and dispersion, probability distributions, sampling, problems of estimation and hypothesis testing, simple regression. (Math 112 or equivalent)


FINA  375 - (3)  Introduction to Business Analytics (ECON 207*)

This new course will help students in visualization, descriptive data mining, forecasting, and optimization.


AND  two of the following three courses:


MGMT 385 - (3) Introduction to Management Science

Linear and integer programming, network models, wait-line models, simulation analysis and decision theory.


ECON 463 - (3) Applied Econometrics of Financial Markets

Times series analysis and tools to analyze the financial markets. (ECON 207*)


MRKT 324 - (3) Marketing Research and Analysis

Preparation of research proposals, design of data collection instruments, data analysis, interpretation and reporting of data. (ECON 207*, MRKT 310*)






For more information contact Dr. Joseph Reising, 507.389.5344.

To declare this certificate visit or contact the College of Business Student Center, MH 151.