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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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(COB forms can be submitted online)

Error Message: You don't have permission to register for this course-course status is offered: Section 2 of FINA 362, MGMT 330 and MRKT 310 is RESERVED for the IBE program. If you are not participating in the IBE program, you will need to register for a different section of FINA 362, MGMT 330 and/or MRKT 310. 

Fill out the form below that MATCHES the error message you are getting. Allow 2-4 business hours for processing.
Please pay attention to the error message you are getting - if you are not getting the error message listed, do not fill out the form.
These forms are for overriding Business courses only-ACCT, BLAW, FINA, IBUS, MGMT and MRKT.


Error Message: Student must take/pass test or satify course prereqs   Prerequisite Override Form (Substitution/Waiver forms do not eliminate the need for a Prerequisite Override Form.)

Error Message: Minimum GPA must be met    GPA Override Form

Error Message: This course restricts registration to the following student program: Upper Division COB   Request to Register for Upper-Division (300-400 level) COB Course Form

[PDF] Registration Checklist (197 KiB)

[PDF] How to Register for classes (483 KiB)

Other Forms

The forms below are unable to be submitted online. You will need to print them off and deliver them for processing to the Registrar’s Office or to the Academic Affairs Office accordingly.

Registrar’s Office
132 Wigley Administration Center
Ph: 507-389-6266
Fax: 507-389-5719
Academic Affairs Office
315 Wigley Administration Center
Ph: 507-389-1333
Fax: 507-389-5859

Registrar’s Office Forms

[PDF] Academic Re-evaluation (154 KiB)

Registration Appeal (current term) (broken link)

Registration Appeal (prior term) (broken link)

[PDF] Repeated Course (411 KiB)

[PDF] Repeated Course Policy Appeal (320 KiB)

[PDF] Revised Undergraduate Application for Graduation (91 KiB)

[PDF] Undergraduate Application for Graduation (91 KiB)

[PDF] Undergraduate Credit Overload (11 KiB)
(Once all signatures are obtained, submit this form to the COB Advising Center in MH 151 for processing)

Academic Affairs

Application for Academic Reinstatement (broken link)

Graduation Services

 Preparing to Graduate