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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Equivalency Guides

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To find an equivalent course at a Minnesota State institution, log into Student E-Services at

Click on:

  • Courses & Registration
  • Search for a Course

(Be sure you are in the semester you want to register for)
(Find the course you want at MSU)
Once you have the course pulled up, click on the magnifying glass that says Equivalent just to the left of the class.
The system will pull up any courses at other Minnesota State institutions that are equivalent to the class you have chosen at MSU.
You can then choose the Minnesota State institution you are interested in and on the right side of the screen you can click on Section Availability to view the course schedule for that class at that institution.

For Non-Minnesota State institutions that students commonly transfer to MSU from, please check Transferology.

The institution I am searching for is not listed in Transferology or the course is listed as not being equivalent. (Note: Just because a class has the same name/title does not mean it is equivalent. Content of the course determines equivalency not the course title.)

You must bring the course description or syllabus to the Department Chair in Morris Hall 150 for Business courses. The Department Chair will determine if the course is equivalent or if a substitution is warranted. If it is not a Business course, please go to the Department for that course. (ie: Math course-Math Dept.)